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The Innova Roc

by Hank Taylor, DiscGolfGuru.com

Innova Roc Great for beginners, and great for experts, the Roc is my absolute favorite disc. If it were the only disc I had, Iíd still be a happy golfer. Itís slightly overstable, but can be thrown pretty straight and far when needed. Iíve used the Roc as a distance driver with good results, but the Rocís pride is in the midrange and approach. It responds perfectly to movements in the wrist and goes precisely where you want it. Itís great for getting around trees and other obstacles in beautiful hyzers and anhyzers (arches); it even rolls pretty good when in a tight spot. Sometimes it may roll too well on a longer shot and roll away from the hole, but that can be compensated for by shooting a little left or throwing more flat and straight. It fades faster than most and tends to curve right for right-backhanders, and curves left, and then roll right, for right-forehanders. I give this disc an A+ and ďBest of BreedĒ in its category.

Disc Stats: Roc

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