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The Innova Shark

by Hank Taylor, DiscGolfGuru.com

Innova Shark If you are new to disc golf, I would suggest buying an Innova Shark. This is the best disc for beginning disc golfers. The Shark is a multi-purpose disc and bodes well as such. Its pride and glory is in the midrange and approach. I use the Shark mostly for tricky shots around trees and for approaching the polehole. This overstable disc makes hyzer and anhyzer shots easy to learn, but can still be thown pretty far and staight and even rolls half decent, proving its versatility. However, the Innova Shark's rolling can be a two-edged sword, rolling either toward the hole, or circling back and away, often in an unpredictable manner. It can be thrown hard and long or soft and short, both with good accuracy, but more especially in the short game because of its high fade. It's best if thrown backhand, but can be thrown well forehanded. Once again, it is great for new disc golfers, and I still use mine. The Shark gets a B+ in it's category.

Disc Stats: Shark

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