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Ann Morrison Park Disc Golf Course in Boise, Idaho

by Hank Taylor, DiscGolfGuru.com

The best disc golf course in the Boise area is at Ann Morrison Park. It features a standard 18 pole holes; however, the back nine holes are taken out during winter months. This particular disc golf course varies in difficulty. Most of the holes are an easy enough par three and between 300 and 400 feet in length. Watch out for scattered pine trees and marshy streams, as well as huge flocks of geese and ducks: those geese can get mean and bite! There are fences all along the course that you may have to jump after a bad throw or a gust of wind takes your disc away; hole 14 has a barb-wire fence that can prove quite annoying. I often skip that hole when having a bad day or when the wind seems dangerous. Also, beware of hole 12's enormous duck pond--many discs can be found in its depths. However, these challenges prove more rewarding to overcome than to simply avoid. Overall, this is a good disc golf course to represent Idaho's disc golf passionates.

Map of Ann Morrison Park