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Hewlett Packard Disc Golf Couse in Boise, Idaho

by Hank Taylor, discgolfguru.com

The Hewlett Packard disc golf course is behind the HP building on Cloverdale and Chinden (HW-44), but more importantly, you can't access this course unless you work at or know someone who works at the Hewlett Packard building in Boise. The disc golf course itself is not very well set up; there are no pads to tee off, no suggested pars, no course maps, nothing. There are only nine pole holes in seemingly random, strewn aboutness. Nonetheless, some of the holes were a delightfull challenge; I rather enjoyed finding my own spots at which to make my first drive. Since there is no definite course, I can play on a 'new course' every time I go. This course is for the imaginative and innovative only.