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Disc Golf Videos

Here is a list of all the disc golf videos in the DiscGolfGuru.com database. You can add your own disc golf video by getting a user name and filling out the form found in User Controls.

IDTitleRatingViewsSubmitted by
10Throwing Over Trees52152DiscGolfGuru
9The X-Step - For Beginners42893DiscGolfGuru
8Patrick Kitten Introduces the Forehand Throw52104DiscGolfGuru
7Intro to Hyzer and Anhyzer Shots52448DiscGolfGuru
6Discraft: Get Airborne (Advertisement)41644DiscGolfGuru
5Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Forehand Drives91876DiscGolfGuru
4Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Making Long Putts9.331912DiscGolfGuru
33.5 Minute Intro to Disc Golf71916DiscGolfGuru
2Innova Starfire Drive at Emerald Park31880DiscGolfGuru
1Disc Golfers in the Snow91886DiscGolfGuru