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Disc Golf Videos

Here is a list of all the disc golf videos in the DiscGolfGuru.com database. You can add your own disc golf video by getting a user name and filling out the form found in User Controls.

IDTitleRatingViewsSubmitted by
1Disc Golfers in the Snow92210DiscGolfGuru
2Innova Starfire Drive at Emerald Park32203DiscGolfGuru
33.5 Minute Intro to Disc Golf72200DiscGolfGuru
4Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Making Long Putts9.332214DiscGolfGuru
5Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Forehand Drives92170DiscGolfGuru
6Discraft: Get Airborne (Advertisement)41953DiscGolfGuru
7Intro to Hyzer and Anhyzer Shots52746DiscGolfGuru
8Patrick Kitten Introduces the Forehand Throw52391DiscGolfGuru
9The X-Step - For Beginners43214DiscGolfGuru
10Throwing Over Trees52500DiscGolfGuru